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Posted on July 4th 2019


This is the perfect day to for me to write this, an open letter to America, and to those ignorant Americans that despise her and embrace a communist future.

I was not born here.

I remember standing in Miami airport with my family, all six of us, holding my dad’s hand. I was seven years old and we had just caught what was supposed to be “the last flight”. I recall getting up in the dead of night and hurrying to the airport. Luggage was neither necessary, nor permitted, and if my dad pulled out his pockets like we see in the cartoons, they would have been empty. Even wedding rings were left behind as bribes.

Imagine right now, in whatever clothing you are wearing, emptying out your pockets and getting on a plane to Malaysia to start a new life. That is what it was like.

I recall standing there outside boarding gate, and for the first time seeing uncertainty in my parent’s faces. People walked past like they do today on their way to, or from. Some looked at us and walked on. Then a man in an American military uniform walked up, reached in his pocket and gave my dad a wad of US Currency. The man spoke Spanish and said, “I know who you are and why you are here – welcome to America”. My dad of course, the proud Spaniard, refused the money, but my mom, sometimes wiser, thanked the military officer and took the cash.

That was in 1967.

Forty-two years later, my parents built a business and a life for themselves and their children and retired. The four kids all went to college. My brother is an executive at a multi-national firm. Each of my sisters became successful at their given professions. And yours truly heads a multi-national arms company whose gross income is in the middle seven figures.

All of us having begun with nothing.

What were we fleeing that was so horrible? Communism. We weren’t fleeing global warming, or capitalism-created poverty, or any of today’s tear-jerking, media-popular reasons. We were fleeing communism. The same communism that is being played out daily in Venezuela. The same communism that some historically illiterate politicians are embracing. The same communism that the American academic scene has become orgasmic about. The same communism that the black hooded thugs of ANTIFA want to shed blood over. Communism, socialism, or what ever the next deceptive name its given is all the same, a poison to the human spirit that we will refuse to ingest.

What exactly is communism? Before anyone even suggests they know the answer to that, they must set down their experience in the matter. Having an advanced degree from some left-leaning university doesn’t count. Nor does it count if all you did was read a book by some alcoholic writer extolling its virtues. And if the only reason a political group is adopting communist ideals is that communism directly contradicts the American President and what he represents, then that person is not only a traitor to America, but the worst kind of deceiver known to mankind.

Just like only a Holocaust survivor’s words can accurately describe the evil of Hitler’s Nazi machine, the only person that can talk with credibility and authority on the nature and reality of communism is one who has lived it in person firsthand.

Communism stifles the human spirit by denying everyone the opportunity to excel and better themselves. It confiscates what it considers “excess” from those who build things, and keeps it for its own purposes. Communism forces everyone to become servants of the government by nationalizing industry (that means they come and take your business), confiscating wealth (they go to the bank and physically take your money by force), indoctrinate the young through the educational system (they make little communists out of your kids), and require children to inform on their parents. They ration food, water, medicine, and fuel. They regulate religion until they can eliminate it.

And for those who suggest that what is happening is wrong, they have squads of armed communists that will find such people and kill them. Sometimes the murders will be through horrific tortures, or public street executions to send a message. Other times, by simply snatching them up and throwing them in a cell for years without any hope of reprieve.
Those who have lived under communism, and seen its result, feel about it in the same way that Jews feel about Hitler and his Nazi machine. And yet, while nobody is suggesting we give Nazism another shot, some are suggesting that very thing about communism.

I have many Jewish friends, and they have a great phrase. “Never Again”. It means exactly what it suggests. I think those who have lived under communism, those who have fought it in academic, social, and physical realms, should adopt that phrase, and everything that it entails. Everything that it entails.

So to America, a thank you. I will always be in your debt for allowing us onto your shores and welcoming us and giving us the opportunity to fight and to build and to grow and to thrive. I will always be loyal to you and what made you great.

And to the communists among us, a warning. No matter what you do, think, or accomplish. At some point the answer will be clear from those of us who know what communism is and leads to. Never again.

I think you know what that means.