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Breach or Bypass - Armor Solutions

Today, armor is prolific and common. Armor that withstands rifle fire is also common. You don't know the quality and level of the bad guy's armor.

So which is a better tactic? Break through or bypass it?

In my 3 vs 1 gunfight (way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) all three bad guys were wearing armor. My default tactic of directing fire toward upper chest and face made such equipment irrelevant. And the most important point is that I was not aware they were wearing armor until later. I don't think you will be aware either.

The other point is, that even if you know there is armor, do you know what sort of armor do they have and do you feel lucky enough to test it?

Then there is the matter of what if what seems like armor is not really armor but explosives?

So the suggested default is to assume armor is present, even if you do not see it initially.

And the reality is that you will be dealing with the problem with a CCW-EDC Pistol not a rifle.

This being the case...and it is for me, the ability or lack of ability of a weapon system or cartridge to defeat armor is irrelevant.

The possibles -

  • Cheap armor easily penetrated with your ammo.
  • Rifle plates that cannot be penetrated with your ammo.
  • A well made professional IED that will withstand impact by pistol bullets and not explode.
  • Poor design homemade IED that will not withstand pistol bullets and explode when impacted

The answer to all of them...unless you have some insider info (which you will not) is to bypass not breach.

At the end of the day, unless dealing complete reactive events, the face is the primary target. And even in situations where you had to initially target the body, transition to the face as soon as possible. The guys that think face shooting is difficult, need to get some updated training.

The face...the face...nothing but the face.