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  • Mass Shootings, Unarmed Cops, and the Bottom Lines - header image

    Mass Shootings, Unarmed Cops, and the Bottom Lines

    People are becoming weaker and more stupid...some become teachers, some become police. They do not stop being weak and stupid with their new positions.Bad guys are still bad guys...some may be like th…
  • More on Categories of Pistol Carry - header image

    More on Categories of Pistol Carry

    So I received many emails about the last piece. Here is more on the discussion. An NPE pistol MUST be DA, or have a heavy trigger, because an NPE pistol will be carried without a holster. NPE, by the…
  • Myths of the Aftermath - 2 - header image

    Myths of the Aftermath - 2

    HOW TO BE A VICTIM AND NOT A SUSPECT In the past section we discussed the value in being categorized as a victim rather than a suspect. You don't have complete control over this, but you have a far g…
  • Seventeen Years Ago - header image

    Seventeen Years Ago

    A date that will live in infamy...indeed. It was seventeen years ago this morning when all Americans were introduced to asymmetric warfare. To put things in perspective, by 1962, seventeen years after…
  • Simple Developments - header image

    Simple Developments

    We train for gunfighting. In gunfighting the loser generally dies. Simple methods allow deployment under the worst circumstances. Simple methods are high success methods. Thus we seek to simplify as m…
  • Skill Magnification and Technology - header image

    Skill Magnification and Technology

    Here is the reality. Technology magnifies our ability. Technology does not invalidate the "old ways", but it simplifies the process of accomplishing the mission.While we still develop the skill at m…
  • Suarez International is Pro-LE! - header image

    Suarez International is Pro-LE!

    Recently we have had a very spirited discussion here regarding the Mesa PD Dust Cover issue. Much of it I must say I drove with my article called, "YOU'RE FUCKED". But I should have known that so few …
  • The Dichotomy of Speed - header image

    The Dichotomy of Speed

    Recently at my forum, we had a discussion regarding an interview that had been done with none other than Wyatt Earp, back in the 1930s in the Saturday Evening Post. Earp said to his biographer - "The…
  • no image

    The Discovery of Dynamic Movement

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away - in a gunfight with three LA Gangsters - we discovered the reality and advantages of dynamic movement in a gunfight. Twenty seven years later, here is the…
  • The Flowchart of (Justified) Deadly Force - header image

    The Flowchart of (Justified) Deadly Force

    Observe the above chart. Keep in mind.…