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  • A Matter of Timing - Still Not Getting Shot by the Police - header image

    A Matter of Timing - Still Not Getting Shot by the Police

    It is a timing issue of course. Continuing on the discussion of how to not get shot by police. I was pointed in by neighboring agencies at least a dozen times when I was working narcotics and gangs. S…
  • Advice to the Modern Gun Student - header image

    Advice to the Modern Gun Student

    I have been doing this for a long time now. My teaching career began in 1977, teaching Karate at the Burbank YMCA. It was great gig for a 17 year old and it paid for gas and for the cost of dating the…
  • America's New Normal? - header image

    America's New Normal?

    "After the battle - tighten the helmet straps" Old Samurai Maxim It is strange to me, how modern people think. They seem to have the attention span of chickens going from one seed to another. Last O…
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    Beating the 21 Foot Rule

  • Beslan - Lest We Forget - header image

    Beslan - Lest We Forget

    On September 1, 2004, armed Chechen rebels took approximately 1,200 children and adults hostage at a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, Russia, at approximately 9 a.m. local time. The siege ended on Sep…
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    Book Of Five Rings - Modern Application

    Miyamoto Musashi is thought of in many circles as one of the best swordsmen to have ever lived. In actuality, there have been many other men both before and after who have killed many more men in comb…
  • Breach or Bypass - Armor Solutions - header image

    Breach or Bypass - Armor Solutions

    Today, armor is prolific and common. Armor that withstands rifle fire is also common. You don't know the quality and level of the bad guy's armor. So which is a better tactic? Break through or bypass…
  • Communism in America - header image

    Communism in America

    What does this have to do with anything today? Because what you are seeing in St. Louis is not really about race regardless of what the media are saying. Kareem Abdul Jabbar got a couple of things right. It is about “class warfare”, and its being created and fed by the Communist Movement in America.
  • Countermeasures to the Terrorist-Borne IED - header image

    Countermeasures to the Terrorist-Borne IED

    This discussion arose from our article on bypassing body armor. Today what seems like armor may easily be a bomb vest. There have been several instances of bomb vests here in the USA. And in the maj…