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  • AN OPEN LETTER TO AMERICA - header image


    Posted on July 4th 2019 *** This is the perfect day to for me to write this, an open letter to America, and to those ignorant Americans that despise her and embrace a communist future. I wa…
  • Glock Misses the "X" Again - header image

    Glock Misses the "X" Again

    Companies like Glock are great. They almost get it...but not quite. Oh, sure they sell their pistols, but then again, so does Hi-Point and Kel-tec. The latest is the 19X. A Glock 17 frame with a Gloc…
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    Gun Laws - Should There Be Any At All?

    Since the Marijuana and Guns thread on Warriortalk got bogged down by the usuals...lets address a bigger issue.Should there be any gun laws at all?I know...I know. The slippery slope. The left has bee…
  • How Real Men Take a Knee - header image

    How Real Men Take a Knee

    I don't know much about that silly sport where grown men are overpaid to disrespect their country...but I do know that this is how real men "take a knee"…
  • Let's Use the Right Words - header image

    Let's Use the Right Words

    I submit that is time that we stop using the words "anti-Gun" and instead use "ANTI-FREEDOM". And anytime the adjective of social, progressive, or liberal, the we use the adjective "COMMUNIST" instea…
  • Some History: The Bindon Aiming Concept - header image

    Some History: The Bindon Aiming Concept

    AND HOW IT APPLIES TO PISTOL RED DOT SIGHTS One of the things the detractors of the Red Dot Pistol often bring up is the possibility of the optic being occluded in one way or another such as rain or …
  • You're fucked? Well, yes...sort of - header image

    You're fucked? Well, yes...sort of

    This has made the rounds now. I have watched it many times over the last few days, and while others have been pontificating of all the things that went wrong, I did my business. It is a busy time, I…