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    Hippy Earth Tones Camouflage (H.E.A.T. Camo)

    Catchy name don't you think? No, TSD is not going to make or sell clothing. Tried that when we sold Woolrich and 5.11 and it is too much drama for what it is worth. The matter at hand arose this last …
  • Irons To Dot - The Visual Hand Off - header image

    Irons To Dot - The Visual Hand Off

    One very important visual skill the red dot pistol shooter needs is to learn the "Visual Hand Off". This is a term we use to describe what happens with the eyes as a shooter new to the red dot system …
  • Killing Within the Law - 2018 - header image

    Killing Within the Law - 2018

    Coming to Arizona 2018.Update: Keep an eye on the Suarez calendar for upcoming classes:…
  • Paradigm Shift in Training - header image

    Paradigm Shift in Training

    What has changed is that the mechanisms for imparting information and developing accessible skillsets has dramatically changed by integrating time proven training methods from a different martial disc…
  • Perception and Reality - header image

    Perception and Reality

    From the Killing Within The Law Course – “You can be totally wrong in your perception, but still be completely legal in your deadly force actions”. The important point is that those “perceptions” – …
  • Playing With Skorpions - Czech Skorpions That Is - header image

    Playing With Skorpions - Czech Skorpions That Is

    While in Czech Republic some years ago we had an opportunity to play with several Czech weapons from SMGs to full-size Machine guns. Very cool what you can really do at a former "secret soviet base" i…
  • The Value of Standards Tests in Training Courses - header image

    The Value of Standards Tests in Training Courses

    I was recently taken to task by a commenter on another blog because I do not use standards testing in my training courses. I don't, never have, and do not believe in them. Perhaps there are other inst…