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  • A Discussion of Fighting Systems - header image

    A Discussion of Fighting Systems

    Every single fighting system (as you know, I despise the term martial art so I use fighting system instead) loses a great deal of its combat value when it becomes a sport. When something becomes a spo…
  • Absorb What is Useful - header image

    Absorb What is Useful

    It has almost become a cliche hasn't it? Bruce Lee's ethos of Jeet Kune Do (that is what Lee called his collective system of fighting). "Absorb What Is Useful". Sadly it has become an excuse for supe…
  • Be Careful What You Program - header image

    Be Careful What You Program

    Western students are often impatient and excessively skeptical. It is as if everyone since birth has been trying to fool them about something and if they do not get some sort of instant gratificatio…
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    Close Range Combat - The Reality Of Today

    I wrote some time ago that people do not fight the same today. I recall my youth, and my quest for martial excellence. There was no internet, no Youtube, and the few sources of information were on the…
  • Crusader History Month: Sobieski's Hussars - header image

    Crusader History Month: Sobieski's Hussars

    This month we are proclaiming September as Crusader History Month. And in this piece we want to feature Jan Sobieski and his Hussars, and their role in breaking the siege of Vienna. Very few American…
  • Developing Mindlessness - Diagnal Lines - header image

    Developing Mindlessness - Diagnal Lines

    Diagonal Lines Kata - First Teaching …
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    Distance and Timing

    The students at the recent Force On Force class will recall a vociferous student making an issue about the importance of controlling distance, and our response that distance was not something you coul…
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    Distinctives - Skill and Attributes

    SOME DISTINCTIVES THAT SEPARATE US FROM THE PACK Here are some points that set Suarez International apart from the rest of the gun world. Not that everyone else disagrees with us outside this forum...…