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  • A STUDY OF TIMING - header image


    Here is a thug v. thug video. Action begins at about 2:45. It is all about timing and about who has the initiative at the moment. How many times did the initiative change? Watch and comment below …
  • Absorb What is Useful - header image

    Absorb What is Useful

    It has almost become a cliche hasn't it? Bruce Lee's ethos of Jeet Kune Do (that is what Lee called his collective system of fighting). "Absorb What Is Useful". Sadly it has become an excuse for supe…
  • Be Careful What You Program - header image

    Be Careful What You Program

    Western students are often impatient and excessively skeptical. It is as if everyone since birth has been trying to fool them about something and if they do not get some sort of instant gratificatio…
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    Blind Men, Elephants, and The One-Eyed Man

    You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know We have heard that term before, but I want to discuss it a little bit more because recently I have seen the resurgence of stuff that we dealt with many years ago. It…
  • Breathing Control - The Forgotten Fundamental - header image

    Breathing Control - The Forgotten Fundamental

    Continuing with the discussions on marksmanship, an important pair of aspects are the issues of breathing and coordinating it with trigger press. One is strictly skill related, the other is skill and …
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    Brief History Of Close Quarters Combat

    I want to give a brief discussion of the history of CQC, or close quarters combat. I am hardly an historian so if I have missed something, please let me know here. The first thing I will say is that y…
  • Check Your Trigger Periodically! - header image

    Check Your Trigger Periodically!

     Ever since Glock made its debut into the LE world back in the late 1980s, there has been a quest to "perfect" its trigger. In truth, compared to many of the triggers on police pistols at the tim…
  • Classic Pistols - Beretta 92 - header image

    Classic Pistols - Beretta 92

    The Beretta 92 burst onto the scene in the mid 1980s. It was the gun the 1911 crowd loved to hate. Cats and dogs were predicted to move in together when this was adopted by the US Military as the M9. …
  • Classic Pistols - Sig P226 - header image

    Classic Pistols - Sig P226

    I have a spot in my heart for the SIG P226. It was my first semi-auto duty pistol back in 1988. Coming from the world of revolvers, the SIG was like having stolen alien technology from the future in y…
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    Close Range Combat - The Reality Of Today

    I wrote some time ago that people do not fight the same today. I recall my youth, and my quest for martial excellence. There was no internet, no Youtube, and the few sources of information were on the…