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    Concealment - Unseen in the Best Places - Part 1

    This is the first in a series of articles discussing how to carry a weapon without detection, as well as how to detect others that may be carrying weapons. I have been carrying concealed firearms all …
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    Concepts vs. Reality

    Fighting is really simple. You need to be better prepared physically, tactically, or technically than the opposition. If you are none of those, you are screwed with a capital "F". I am not the only on…
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    Most students of personal combat today have some understanding of ground fighting and the mechanics of taking down an adversary. Its not a hard thing to learn, and anyone who has a little athleti…
  • Counter Surveillance: Carrying Weapons Without Telling Everyone - header image

    Counter Surveillance: Carrying Weapons Without Telling Everyone

    This material is taught to security operatives and to law enforcement in the spirit of detecting "illegal" gun carry. I offer it here in the spirit of the fact that you should know who around you is a…
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    CQB - Shooting Through Walls

    Undoubtedly an extremely controversial topic, we used to work it routinely. It involves the concept of shooting an adversary directly through an interior wall. For example, your partner is moving into…
  • Developing Mindlessness - Diagnal Lines - header image

    Developing Mindlessness - Diagnal Lines

    Diagonal Lines Kata - First Teaching …
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    Distance and Timing

    The students at the recent Force On Force class will recall a vociferous student making an issue about the importance of controlling distance, and our response that distance was not something you coul…
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    Entry Methods: Door Jamb Take-Off

    First the ground work. Team door entries. There are a number of different types of entry configuration for team entry. The only hard rule is that you want to get two guns into the room simultaneously.…
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    Firing Pin's Role in Your Glock's Safety

    We made our own pins after our good friend and CT operator showed us a Glock factory pin with a broken tip. I still have that pin as an example of what a MIM pin will eventually do. But the tip is n…
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    Freedom of Speech?

    In America we have something called "freedom of speech". Anyone can speak their least in theory. This is a good thing of course because in other places around the world one cannot. In matter…