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    Hippy Earth Tones Camouflage (H.E.A.T. Camo)

    Catchy name don't you think? No, TSD is not going to make or sell clothing. Tried that when we sold Woolrich and 5.11 and it is too much drama for what it is worth. The matter at hand arose this last …
  • Killing Within the Law: Be The Gentleman Killer - header image

    Killing Within the Law: Be The Gentleman Killer

    One of the teaching points at the Killing Within The Law Seminar was that after the shots had been fired, you would have to explain yourself. Regardless of what the untested, myth-followers, on the in…
  • Killing Within the Law: Managing The Initial Police Contact - header image

    Killing Within the Law: Managing The Initial Police Contact

    One of the things that is incessantly being discussed in the CCW/LEO community is the after-event-discourse. In other words, what do you say...or not, after you have shot and killed an adversary. As e…
  • MYTHS OF THE AFTERMATH - 1 - header image


    This will likely become a series of articles rather than just one, but I wanted to begin here with this discussion. There are two things that you must realize. Opinions that have not been tempered…
  • MYTHS OF THE AFTERMATH - 2 - header image


    Expecting an attorney to do all your talking is like expecting the police to do all your shooting. In the past section we discussed the value in being categorized as a victim rather than a suspect. Y…
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    Non-Permissive Environment Skills - #1

    I did this in Greece, at the Acropolis. I was carrying a Spyderco Yojimbo. To give you an idea of NPE, think of a bunch of TSA guys operating airport type scanners and a few Greek Cops walking around…
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    Simple Success & Leadership Principles

    Whether mounting a building assault, or making a business move, these principles will lead to victory. 1). Fire anyone who uses the word "can't" more than once in a conversation with you, or whose dai…
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    Technology And Owning The Dark - 2

    The method most basic, for using a Night Vision Monocular in conjunction with a handgun goes like this. Hold the monocular in your support side hand and bring it up to your non-dominant eye. How close…
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    The Search For Simplicity - Hick's Law

    The fighter (gunman, knifeman, or whatever) of today is far more sophisticated than in years past. This is partially due to the vast availability of information on trainers, different systems, and tra…
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    Unseen in the Best Places - CCW in the Vehicle

    The next installment of this series was going to be how to spot the other guy that is armed, but I received so many comments and questions about the issue of carrying concealed in a vehicle that I mov…