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Communism, Liberalism, And America


On my forum are several threads discussing the underlying theme and intentions of the liberals. I posted this AM and the short response turned into quite an essay. Having lived in communism (which is liberalism without a tie) I can speak with some authority and knowledge.

The sad fact is most Americans are totally ignorant of anything "not American". That includes culture, customs, languages, and political systems. In Europe it is rare to see someone that only speaks on, it is common, as just one example. So if you tell them that liberalism is communism, they think, "No, communism is a Russian thing and it died at the end of the Cold War". If they studied world affairs and history, they would realize that while Communism may have been conceived and birthed in Russia, it is an international ideology, and hardly dead.

But Americans are so in love with the idea of democracy that they, not only don't want to hear such things, but fight wars in order to infect every land they visit with that political virus. The democracy-thing sounds great in the beginning. The thought that everyman has a say is wonderful and a happy alternative to what was in place...but in essence it is mob rule in a suit. And if it is left to its own selfish devices, will inevitably turn into communism.

It is interesting to note that in the early days of democracy, only those who owned land (and ostensibly paid taxes into the general fund), had a say...or a vote. Those who did not contribute did not get a say. Interesting concept.

The mob is made up of humans, and humans are selfish. And not all humans have morals, entrepreneurship, or a work ethic. Other humans however, once they have enough for themselves, think it is their job to make everyone equal. So, in the eyes of the liberal, the brainless junkie that failed out of middle school must be equal to the hard working Asian surgeon that had no social life until he was 30.

Yeah, we got the "equal in the eyes of God", and "equal under the law" (although that last one is not true), but the liberal, socialist, and communist wants to make them all EQUAL ECONOMICALLY. And to do that he wants to take from the hard working Asian surgeon and give to the worthless junkie.

In the end, all worthless junkies will vote for the liberal leader as they see their meal ticket. So part meddling, part stupid, part evil theft. Some guys think November 2014 will be a decimation of the liberal political machine. I hope so, but I doubt it. Those wanting the free ride outnumber those in a position to pay for it.

As well, if all the GOP can peddle is bible thumping, border closing, morality-based rhetoric, they will appeal to no one but the old retired church-goers.

If they made it about money...and changed their rhetoric to slashing taxes to the bare bones minimum to keep the lights on, promised to leave industry alone without suppressing growth, to create an environment where everyman really has a chance to become a millionaire, and distance the USA from centers of disorder (like the middle all those crapholes where Americans have died) then they have a strong chance of winning.