Suarez International and I are dedicated to advancing the art of gunfighting through perfecting its technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects.

Winning The Aftermath

Distinctives - Equipment and Tactics


Continuing the discussion on what makes us different. This time equipment and tactics. Other groups will include Aftermath Issues, Personal Tactics and Opsec, and a couple of other things.


1). Appendix Carry is faster, easier to hide and easier to defend. Nobody wants to look, touch, or get near another man's belt buckle. Keep your gun there, just like the criminals and you will be able to walk into a bar filled with Federales in a third world country, drink an Imperial, and walk out unnoticed. Ask me how I know....

2). Semi auto shotguns are a better choice than pump actions. Who still uses those black landline phones anyway. Assault Rifles are better choices for expected fights than handguns. Red dots on handguns allow you to be a better shot. Glocks make life easier for you. Is this really so hard for people to understand?

3). More ammo is more better. You can't kill the bad guys if you run out. being able to shoot three more tangoes in the face is better than a speedy reload. Oh, and nobody ever died from having too many BBs. Modern 9mm ammo will do just as well as any other caliber. However...a 32 in the hand beats a 45 in the safe.

4). On Holsters...if you use them, there is nothing leather will do that Kydex will not do better.

5). Always carry a reload…and a knife. Need we say anything more. Learn to reload without thought and learn to pull the blade the same way.

6). Slashing is defensive...stabbing is aggressive. Want to win the fight? Stab the other guy to the ground. Thats the way - hard, fast, and continuously.

7). The best fight is over before the bad guy know it has begun. Anyone that teaches that you must yell and announce and all of that jazz is an idiot. Don't listen to them. If you have a need to shoot - close your mouth and press the trigger. If you are required to have yelled at them prior to doing so, just remember that you were in full compliance.

8). You don't want to survive a gunfight. You might be considered a gunfight survivor yet be in a bed at ICU for the rest of your life. No...get that survivor crap out of your mind. Your goal...your over riding goal...more important than policies or laws or even of everything that is right and fair, is to win the fight. By the way, that usually happens when the other guy is dead.

9). Be generous with your shooting. One shot is the same price as ten shots, so if you are going to shoot someone who is trying to kill you, do not be a miser with your ammo. It will be better for you if you win and he does not, and as a result, your story is the only one heard. Cold blooded and ruthless? Damn right. Gotta problem with that?

10). Practice your draw until it is as natural as scratching your butt. It doesn't have to be lighting fast, but it has to be so natural that even a man looking right at you would not realize what you were doing until he was looking down the muzzle of your Glock.