Suarez International and I are dedicated to advancing the art of gunfighting through perfecting its technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects.

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Distinctives - Skill and Attributes



Here are some points that set Suarez International apart from the rest of the gun world. Not that everyone else disagrees with us outside this forum...many are aligned with our way of thinking ...but these are some of the things not commonly considered by the rest of the "community"


1). It is important to be physically fit, and strong, not just armed. A sloth with a gun is easily killed. Fit fighters are harder to kill, and conversely, make better killers. Be fit. There is no excuse for being otherwise. The gun will not make up for years of undisciplined living.

2). It is about being able to kill the enemy, not just "stop the threat". At the moment of truth, you will have a clarity of focus that supercedes all the PC crap all those goofball gun writers wrote about. We cut right to chase...when someone tries to kill you, you kill them first.

3). Skill with your hands, and with knives is important. Cuz you might not have your pistol…but you can always have or get a knife. And if you have a knife, you can always get a pistol. Consider this deeply.

4). Shooting the bad guy from ambush requires marksmanship. We like ambushes. They are safe and healthy and may even lower your cholesterol.

5). Keeping the bad guy from shooting you if he started the fight requires movement. If you are one being ambushed, getting the hell out of the kill zone will keep you safe…and give you a chance to return the favor. Standing still in shooting stances, in reactive events, is a sure ticket to the grave.

6). Its more about timing than a fast draw. Be unexpected. Strike when the bad guy is looking elsewhere. Let someone else play fair.

7). There is only ONE draw...not several. Grab the gun…bring it to bear…kill the bad guy. Repeat as needed. That is all.

8). There is only ONE take off, not several. The take off refers to moving off the line of fire, or off the direction the enemy's gun is pointing. When you need to move to keep from being shot, your body will figure it out if you have prepared properly. See item # 1.

9). A correct mind set is not just about is about seeing yourself a warrior. A warrior is not average, common, nor an easy target. He doesn’t worry about the things that trouble common folk. His life is different...and - it is a self-selected status.

10). It is fine and correct to feel delighted and happy after killing the guy that was trying to kill you. Whoever told you that winning the fight was the source of sorrow and self-doubt was a pussy and had dog shit in his brain. Be like David, cut the beast’s head off and hold it aloft with a cry of victory.

More to follow.