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Field Rifle Shooting - Kneeling

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Kneeling position is the next in our series. It is about as accurate, all things being equal, as squatting. Classic Kneeling is assumed as follows. You drop into a kneeling position with the leg approximately 90 degrees apart forming a right angle. Your butt rests on the heel of your foot. This last part is crucial, without which you may as well just stand. The bottom foot maybe flat, or on the toe as the situation requires. The forward arm is bent and the triceps just above the elbow rests on the knee.


An interesting attribute of kneeling is the ability to adapt to high or low angle shots. Although this is something rarely done on flat range training venues, we shoot at all angles and distances and even have a training site where we can suspend steel targets from a cliff so we can shoot at rising angles as well as declining angles.

Two areas will affect this. One is the hand position of the fore end. Farther out will decrese the angle while closer in to the magazine will increase it. As well the bottom foot can be articulated from "on the toe" to "on the flat", or even to a pseudo-sitting to raise the angle of the shot.