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Final Police Report on Las Vegas Shooting - My Thoughts

Here is the article mentioning the report - Final Police Report On Las Vegas

My Thoughts:

Rationality and morality are not the same. All rationality requires is a reason and a motivation. I have fought evil much of my adult life and even the worst had a reason that made sense to them...and even though we would not have considered action like theirs, one could connect the thinking.

On motive for the LV shooting...does it matter? I don't think so. I have always avoided boxed in areas that were difficult to enter and leave. And even more so in our Age of War. Will I miss some over paid oversized court jesters throwing a stupid ball? Maybe...but I have no interest in such things...nor in any similar events. A man in a hotel room shooting people is what it opportunity for me to express who I am by kicking in his door and killing him. There really are no other options are there? If you are in the kill zone...well...nothing to do but run, duck and cover and hope you don't get hit. Too bad you went there.

I always look at bullshit delivered with two concepts in mind:

1). Who profits
2). Occam's Razor

In this the 21st century, with the paradigms of conflict today, the bad guy was either a crazy guy terrorist, or a politically/religiously motivated terrorist. I read quite a bit on this...through open sources as well as some not-so-open sources. He was not a typical nutball. And there have been many threads that insinuated foreign connections. The investigation was handled by the guys that handle events with a foreign nexus. Until shown otherwise beyond doubt, I consider this a terrorist event with foreign connections. And that means some derivative of AQ/ISIS/whatever. My opinion based on what I have read and been told. That is Occam's Razor applied.

Now...who benefits. This is the important part. Americans live under the illusion that things must be fair and that truth and right will prevail. Now that is a naivette that truly befits the word "bullshit". Truth today is decided by those with the most money who control the media.

So let's see...LAS VEGAS...SIN CITY. The place that represents the epitome of sin for religious extremists everywhere. Las Vegas exists to make money. People travel there from all over the world to spend money. There are more Rolex stores and Pawn shops and Casinos, and brothels there than probably anywhere else in the nation. I don't know what the collective daily proceeds are for the city of Las Vegas on a daily basis, but I bet it would stagger the mind...all those zeroes.

Anything that happens there affects this number.

So which outcome would affect the bottom line the least?

1). That this was an ISIS inspired attack involving lengthy planning and preparation, and that now that ISIS has targeted Vegas it will likely do so again at some point.

2). It was a crazy guy of the same sort as Adam Lanza whose ultimate motivation will never be known...because he was a crazy guy after all. And it was a one off event unlikely to be repeated again.

Which one preserves the profits best. There is your answer gents.