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Glock Misses the "X" Again

Companies like Glock are great. They almost get it...but not quite. Oh, sure they sell their pistols, but then again, so does Hi-Point and Kel-tec.

The latest is the 19X. A Glock 17 frame with a Glock 19 slide. (Cue the Facebook orgasms of the mindless followers in three, two, one...). bear with me here. What part of the weapon is hardest to conceal -

1). The length of the slide/barrel?


2). The frame/butt area?

If you answered #2 you win the prize. That is why guys concerned about concealment will opt for a Glock 19 over a 17...or for a 26 over a 19. The slide and barrel are usually in the waistband already and well hidden. So a short slide and barrel on a large frame makes very little sense except to the engineers at Glock. Who on earth told them that was a good idea?

Too bad for them, but good for the aftermarket.

A Glock 19 frame with a Glock 17 slide makes far for sense to everyone except Glock. See the Guttersnipe 17 for what the better alternative is.