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Since my last post two days ago my email and phone have been burning up with encouragement and requests to keep writing. I am not quarantining nor self-censoring.

One note from a brother in particular caused me to reconsider how much "minimizing" I should do. You know who you are.

Today is Treason Day. That is basically what it is although we like to call it by a softer sounding independence Day to go along with our "do-gooder", boy scout self image. The nation was founded by non-comformist outlaws. The sort of men who would swim across a frozen river on Christmas Day just to kill those who would dare to challenge their freedom.

That is America kids! Tell an American of that era that he must sit, and you'd be forcing him to stand. Having seen what I have seen and lived what I have lived, that defiant spirit resonates deeply with me at an almost spiritual level.

But today I see masses of Americans refusing to think for themselves, without a defiant fiber in their bodies or minds, falling into obedient lines, without the faintest thought of saying "No". And those who would dare to sway in the opposite direction shamed as selfish for even considering that their individual rights are more important than complying and obeying for the imagined collective good.

It is July 4th...Treason Day. The day the outlaws decided to form a new country. Will you celebrate it by being obedient boy scouts, or by being defiant "liberty or death" outlaws?

Get your minds right America...soon it may be time to go on another cold swim in the dead of night.

Oh, and Happy Treason Day you selfish outlaws!!