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Winning The Aftermath


Expecting an attorney to do all your talking is like expecting the police to do all your shooting.

In the past section we discussed the value in being categorized as a victim rather than a suspect. You don't have complete control over this, but you have a far greater degree of control over it than the "CCW Lawyers" would have you think. In order to show you how to become a victim, I will first show you how to become a suspect. Silly? No...just read.

This is how you become a suspect, get listed as the primary homicide suspect in the report, get arrested, booked and charged. Don't call 911. That should do it immediately. But lets say you did call 911 for the sake of the article. You were short and evasive with the 911 operator, creating an adversarial position from the start. Then when the officers arrived, you gave a ridiculously short, artificial, and dismissive statement - something like, "I was in fear for my life, my lawyer is coming, I have nothing else to say", after which you demanded everyone wait for your lawyer.

Congratulations Gary Goodguy, you are now the suspect in a homicide investigation. You will not be able to change that - ever. The next steps of course are; being arraigned in court and if you are held to answer, you get to plead guilty or not guilty and as your attorney tries to hide the erection in his tailored Italian pants, given a court date. Oh, and that is after you have posted bail for about, I don't know, 10% of your bail for a homicide which totals at least $1 million (that is a non-refundable $100,000 in cash to sleep in your own bed).

Sucks to be a suspect doesn't it?

The investigation and subsequent homicide report will not wait for your attorney, nor will be put on hold for you to discuss how to proceed with him. It started the moment you called 911 and will be written and turned in before that officer goes home for the night. It is up to you where your name is listed on that document. And that will have a profound effect on what the focus of the subsequent investigation will be.

The advocates of the "say nothing and wait for your attorney" guys will tell you that at least you "survived" the gunfight. Yes, its true, but you could have avoided all of this by taking some steps.

Your path to Victimhood

The lion won the fight, but the antelope must make the statements afterwards. That means that you won the gunfight by being confident, aggressive and violent when the time came. But that same persona must be kept in check when you give your story. You must be believable and genuine, and call 911 as soon as you safely can. Victims always call...suspects do not. When you are phone with the operator talk like a victim...use victim victim emotion (controlled emotion), and even tell them that you are the victim. No, I am not going to give you a script as there are no magic need to use your trained mind and your articulate language. Pry open the wallet and take some speech classes if communicate in grunts. Learn how to speak like an educated first world person, and have a believable prepared set of words on hand.

When the officers arrive understand they all wish it was they who would have shot the bad guy. Officers that tell you otherwise are lying. Remind them that you are the victim and that you are thankful they came out. Did I mention to remind them that you are the victim? You do that with your words, your demeanor, your interaction with them. Victims are not afraid or evasive with the police, but suspects are. Police have seen all the lies, all the deception and bullshit. You will not successfully bullshit them. But likewise, they will see you being genuine...if you are genuine.

Tell them what happened in the words of a victim. That is a specific thing and method. Again, crack open the wallet and come to class. Even God's salvation is not free.

If you are successfully listed as a victim, you get to sleep in your own bed, keep and invest the cash you would have paid for bail, and at leisure have your attorney meet you (if you choose to do so) for the secondary interview with the homicide detectives.

That is the way it works guys. I have both seen it and done it as have many members of our staff and alumni. Hoping that an attorney will somehow magically appear before the report is begun and do all the talking for you is like hoping the police will show up before the bad guy kicks off the party and do all the shooting for you.

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