Suarez International and I are dedicated to advancing the art of gunfighting through perfecting its technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects.
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Paradigm Shift in Training

What has changed is that the mechanisms for imparting information and developing accessible skillsets has dramatically changed by integrating time proven training methods from a different martial discipline.

This may not be for everyone, nor do we want it to be that. But for those with dedication, discipline, and the ability to learn and accept new skills, this makes the old force on force training seem very primitive...and what many other "shooting" based schools are doing as obsolete.

  1. Learning basic movements
  2. Working basic movements with partner unpressured
  3. Learning the kata made up of those movements
  4. Physical memorization
  5. Drilling the applications with increased pressure

The resulting skill and tactical/conceptual understanding exhibited by the students as a result of this method of training was astounding, and a testament that this is a far better way of training and teaching with a far greater level of student improvement than what was done previously.