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Gabe's Commentaries


As of fiscal year 2020, foreign aid totaled $51 billion: less than 1% of the federal budget. In terms of raw quantity, the U.S. spends the most on foreign aid of any country. And when you look at the nations that are given this money and for what, it should give every American pause.

One wonders as well how much of this is secretly funneled back to politicians in the USA. And then the most recent give away to the Ukrainian Money Laundry is what…$60 billion?

So what could the USA do – for America and Americans - with that $111 billion?This is what it looks like by the way - $111,000,000,000

In terms of schools I bet that a quarter of that money could -

1). Finance a team of school officers assigned to every school in America. Team depending on the size of the school.

2). Those officers would be tested, selected and trained specifically for the mission. It would not be a job give to Officer Retired On Duty with the size 60 gun belt. And they would not be subservient to the whims of the school.

3). Fences around every school and doors that are reinforced.

4). Access to the gates and doors would be available to the School Team instantly. And no teacher or school administrator would have the ability to bypass them for convenience.

5). Access to the grounds would be controlled as well by the LE Team.Its not a difficult problem when you realize that very few active shooter events happen at court houses, federal buildings, or other places frequented by those who live on the money taken from our paychecks. There are lots of other things for America and Americans that can be done with that money but this would be a start.

Some suggested arming teachers. I honestly don’t see that as a viable solution. It may…or just as easily…may not work.Teachers are selected for their ability to teach and be kind to children, etc. I do not agree with the "mama bear theory". A frightened hysterical teacher with a handgun is not going to do a great deal against an active shooter.To those that want to push the mental health agenda.

I will be the first to say that not everyone should be able to walk around town armed. Some of the things I see here in northern AZ drastically reduce my faith in the intelligence of man, and rights or no rights, some people should not be breeding or voting, much less carrying weapons. But it would be difficult to deny some and allow others.

In a perfect world, with an agenda-less government, a driver's license system could be used. One cannot simply buy a car and drive it off the lot into congested traffic without knowing how to drive an example. But that system could be used by those who hate cars to prevent drivers from buying and owning

The metal health angle, so popular, is no different. The notion that a man that voluntarily shows up to a shrink for help can have his life altered adversely has a chilling effect on reliance on that industry (and it is an industry). When the entire mental health issue became widespread in the LE world and it became clear that someone else could decide that the patient was "a danger to himself and others"...rightly or not, and that would begin a cascade of cover-your-ass events that could culminate in loss of your job as well as striping of your rights, the common locker room statement was - "If you are crazy, keep it to yourself".

While on that topic, as I recall...the label of "crazy" was affixed to dissidents, homosexuals, Jews, gypsies, and others by various governments to include Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Castro. The abuse of the metal health system by tyrannical governments for their own uses is historical. Perhaps they could change our minds if they began using that system against pedophiles, just as one example...but I digress.

The only realistic solution, and one that does not diminish the human rights of Americans is for the US Government to cut its foreign aid and divert the money to the safety and fortification of schools.

Perhaps we should all forward this article to our representatives. For discussion in November.