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This from a close friend who is a surgeon at a very busy ER - note bold lettering:

"I treated HEAPS of 9mm and .40 wounds that just required local wound care. Self defense rounds almost always caused a compartment syndrome necessitating decompression of the muscle. . . but nobody ever died from those wounds and most of them went back to their stupid lives.

However, hunting rifle and the occasional thug who met a cop with a carbine and a happy trigger finger created much worse wounds that bled a LOT more and required substantial bone and soft tissue reconstruction.

Hands down, the worst civilian GSW is from a 12 GA. EVERYTHING gets pulverized. Skin, muscle, Bone, nerve and vessels. These are very difficult to treat."

No internet hero silliness. The preceding from a man that has seen more gunshot wounds than most who will comment here. Reality has a way of cutting through the bullshit.