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    The Tactical 30-30 Lever Action Rifle

    Ask any student of small arms to name the most typically American rifle and chances are that they will name the .30-30 lever action rifle. Manufactured for over a century by Marlin, Winchester, and ot…
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    The Truth About Target Identification

    I have participated in more than a few gunfights in reduced light. For 15 years, with few exceptions, I worked between 1700 HRS and 0500 HRS. And I hunted bad guys in buildings and in the street. When…
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    True "COMBAT" Gun Safety

    At the beginning of a class I usually draw my carry gun and hold it before the class (in a safe manner as possible with a real live gun) and ask them what this is for. Usually I get a plethora of bland, politically-correct answers. Occasionally a student answers correctly.