Suarez International and I are dedicated to advancing the art of gunfighting through perfecting its technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects.

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    Suarez International - The Choirboy

    One of the common threads in any group of men that goes into harm's way is a decompression and debriefing session. This is where everyone chills out, the cold beers come out, and there is a heart to h…
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    Suarez TAC-14 Folding Brace

    The short "non-shotgun" weapons have revitalized the shotgun world and allowed these weapons to become a viable modern self-defense, close quarters choice. And the advent of the "Arm Brace" has combin…
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    The History of the Grab-n-Stab Knife

    The Grab N Stab Knife was born in early 2000 during a particularly dark time. I had a conversation with a gentleman with an extensive prison resume. Amazing what information you can get - or whom you …