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The Glock 17K - The Pistol Glock Should Have Made


I recall a telephone conversation I had with Jim Cirillo (yes, that Cirillo). He described a hybrid pistol he had made up from a standard S&W 645, and the compact frame 4516. This gave him a longer barreled pistol on a shorter frame. When I asked him about the reasoning behind that, he related how it was the grip that usually printed and that the length of the slide was almost irrelevant. He also told me that the longer barrel seemed to balance better for him.

Like many things we hear and file away for later, they are interesting at the time, but truly blossom for us later when new situations and requirements have us digging into the memory banks for solutions. Such a situation as we have today with the strong reality of the Jihadist with an American passport.

These times call for the everyday carry of a full sized pistol as the comfy and concealable - and thus socially acceptable "key chain guns" are simply not sufficient to carry into battle. And there are times, due to various factors, that concealment is of the utmost concerns as the only adversaries are not those who would kill us with axe or explosives. Keeping the weapon in utter concealment from the hall monitors of the world is a growing concern for many.

In discussing this very thing with a student recently, I suggested he simply change the Glock 17 he favors for a Glock 19. His only complaint was that he shoots the 17 much better. I know how he feels as the extra length and slightly different frame contour gives me the same results...I shoot the 17 better. If only the 19 had the frame contours of the 17 and a slightly longer slide. We both agreed that concealing the Glock 19 frame was far easier than the Glock 17.

Later that night, I measured one of our Glock 19s against a Glock 17. Not a huge difference but just as pounds equal pain in back country ruck marches, centimeters equal concealment in the covert carry realm. I measured twice...well, actually I measured a bunch of times, and then cut once. Sanding the frame bottom until the empty Glock 19 magazine fit into place with a satisfying "click".


I reviewed the results of my work. I am not the first to do this and I know plenty of WT members have so modified their Glock 17/22s. But this is the first time I have seriously looked at this option.

I reinstalled everything and conducted my usual 500 draw dry practice session. It takes about 30 minutes and involves drawing, moving, manipulations…everything.

I noted no differences in handling and even when pushing the edge I had no mishaps. There was something intangible that just felt better than my Glock 19 training sessions. Perhaps it was the slightly heavier muzzle, or the different frame contour than the 19, but I like this conversion very much.

One gentleman at warriortalk called it a 17k, for Kurz. This is actually more accurate than calling it a Glock 19"L", since it is a modification of the Glock 17 and not the 19. This gives you all the benefits of both models in my opinion.

The guys that are averse to cutting their frames should consider that for the first time, Glock frames are available for about $200. So some one could buy a Glock 17/22 frame and install a top quality slide and barrell to give it a try without compromising their carry gun. Its not for everyone, but if you are one of the guys that shoots a 17 better than a 19, yet can conceal a 19 better than a 17, this may just be the answer.