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The Remington 700-CP - Optimized

First of all, nobody wants to hear how horrible Remington is. if that will be your post do us all a favor and go cuddle with the Youtube self-admiration-society and leave us in peace. Second of all, in today's "price above all" gun market, no company would survive selling guns, they way they ought to be, to any but the higher income side of the market. All of these gun manufacturers...Glock, SIG, S&W, and Remington provide raw material for improved and custom products that can quite spectacular.

So, that obligatory silliness out of the way...

The 700-CP comes in 300 BO, 6.5, 223, and the subject of my study, the 308. When this first came out I wanted the 300 BO...but after some study, the 308 is far more versatile in that 308 ammo has many more options, from subsonic, to heavier and lighter versions. In short, 308 is a far more versatile platform. Moreover, the 223 and 300 versions do not use existing M4 magazines and require proprietary magazines. The 308 uses AR 308 magazines such as the super prolific Magpul AR10 308 magazines. And the cost is only 2 additional inches in length.

The 700-CP as it comes out of the box is a great deal. It has a scope mount (more on this later), a large bolt knob (essential in my opinion), a threaded barrel (also essential for our purpose), and in a chassis made by MDT Chassis that is ready for detachable magazine use. The trigger is fine, but can always be improved. The pistol-rifle handles well, but needs a brace...which the chassis will accept. In fact, Remington has plans to release a version with a brace. Given their timing at bringing things to market...expect it by Christmas of 2021. Lets look at what we did to optimize the system.

First is replacing the stock chassis with the LSS from MDT. The chassis from Remington is roughly machined and overly heavy. It has a tubular handguard that may be great on an AR but useless on a bolt action rifle. We didn't weigh these on the postal scale as it was being used for shipping, but the MDT is substantially lighter even with the brace added. It has provisions for adding a bipod and sling. Those are the only things you really benefit from on a bolt gun. And lets not bullshit each other...the brace is effectively a stock that winds through the NFA loophole provided by the Americans With Disabilities Act. The SBA3 is the ultimate rendition of this, for this application. Done.

Second is replacing the scope mount. Leupold sends it out with a tall mount that leans over the unnecessary handguard. A cheekweld - which all real riflemen know is important - is difficult with the brace and the tall mount. We replaced that mount with a shorter mount and the cheekweld is now perfect. The scope is up to you. We had a 4x10 Leupold and used it. The magnification will not help you shoot farther but it will help see better at distance and to pinpoint small targets at closer distances. I fully expect that hitting out to 500 yards with this will be easy.

The large bolt knob is an important addition to any bolt action intended for anti-personnel uses...or a field rifle used for sport but built for anti-personnel uses. In this case...the rifle comes so equipped. Same with the threaded barrel. Rifles intended for anti-man use must take a combative man's watchfulness and point of view. Muzzle flash is never an asset so adding a flash hider is essential. Easily done here. Moreover, for those with such assets, a suppressor is a great thing to add. A dedicated can is nice, but few will have a dedicated can for each rifle and pistol. Multi-use cans are easier and for this weapon, the Sliencerco flash hider is easily covered by the Silencerco suppressor.

The use for this "Pistol-Rifle" is specific. There are no "self defense" uses for a bolt action rifle. While this can be used for hunting with great success, its design is as a compact and light, close range sniper rifle. It offers great versatility and penetrative capabilities, as well as reach and the various attributes of the 308/7.62x51 round. We may add a folding unit to make it even more compact for backpack carry. We may tune the internals further by NP3 coating the bolt and replacing the trigger with something better. After the holidays we will devote a day to testing this little beast out with various types of ammo...both suppressed and non-suppressed.

As of now...we are all very impressed with the package.

Gabriel Suarez

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