Suarez International and I are dedicated to advancing the art of gunfighting through perfecting its technical, tactical, physical, and mental aspects.
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The 12 Precepts of the Suarez System

  1. Defense does not exist – there is attack and there is counter attack.
  2. Everything begins and ends with marksmanship.
  3. Justify Shooting first.
  4. You must understand the role of initiative in the fight.
  5. Remember that it is not about the score, it is about killing.
  6. Your body must be capable of doing whatever you need it to do.
  7. Tactics exist to get you an angle for your shot.
  8. It is not about speed, it is about timing.
  9. Gunfighting is simply hand to hand combat at 1500 feet per second.
  10. Live as if there was an enemy around every corner and behind every door.
  11. The pen is not mightier than the sword, it must be its equal.
  12. The tiger is good at killing, but the antelope tells the tale.