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Things the Gun Community Gets Totally Wrong

We tend to face the same things year after year. We do videos, we teach classes, and write articles like this. If just one mind is opened up and one more bad guy is unsuccessful in his depredations, we consider it worthwhile.

1). Over Reliance On The Shooting Range - That combat preparation centers on running drills on the shooting range, or shooting matches, or high round counts. It doesn't. Winning a gunfight requires shooting skills, but far more important are tactics, proper movement either proactive positioning or reactive evasion in relation to the enemy. Little of this can be trained on a shooting range with its artificial safety rules. The safety requirements of an artificial training environment do not apply to a gunfight. When a "range shooter" tries to use range methods that have been modified and made safe to fit the limits of a range he risks himself unnecessarily in a fight. Whether he wins or dies then is a matter of luck not of design. Fortuitous outcomes reinforce bad tactics.

2). Focus On Fun Over Function - Nothing wrong with "fun" but what is your life's goal? If all you care about is fun, then stop reading because reading is not as fun as other things like Frisbee Golf...or a mad minute on the range. It may not be fun going to the gym and lifting heavy things three to five times per week...but the benefits you receive are worth it. It may not be fun exercising care and restrain in what you eat and drink...but the benefits you receive are worth it. It may not be fun to get shot with a UTM or Airsoft when working reactive movement drills...but the benefits you receive are worth it. See the point here? The world is filled with those who seek nothing but fun...and they are all underachieving losers.

3). The Gun is a Talisman - Along with the item listed above, the presence of a firearm means nothing at all unless the one who wields it has developed the proper attitude about its use and the ability to justify its deployment. But moreover, we see the "talisman mentality" as an excuse. Its an excuse to not be fit and allow the physicality of the body to waste away like an unused muscle. Its an excuse to go and spend time with the talisman rather than the things one is lacking, like strength, like tactics, like movement. Certainly a pistol can make the difference when a 25 year old enemy attacks an elderly 90 year old grandmother...but I see many gun guys in their thirties that move like the 90 year old grandmother due to the man-fetus they have been cultivating and feeding with beer and doughnuts. If you are not a feeble grand mother, don't act like it or live your life like you were!

4). Everyone is a Gunsmith - No, you are not. I don't care how many Youtube Videos you have watched...unless you have a current certificate or completion from a professional gunsmith school, and do the job of gunsmith for a living, you are not a gunsmith. Don't act like you are because you will invariably screw up your weapons and make them unsafe to carry. If you are not a surgeon, don't do surgery. If you are not a mechanic, don't change out your brakes. If you are not a gunsmith, leave the weapons alone and take it to someone who is.

5). Thinking Its All About Skill Or All About Gear - Cheap gear will be a constant nuisance and an anchor limiting your skill development. Skill is far more easily developed and maintained using good high quality holsters, optics, pistols, ammo, etc. A great shot with a shitty pistol will only be able to express his skill to the limits of that pistol. Unless you are living on food stamps, you can do better. Skills will never improve until price stops being the deciding factor.